Tesys - Motor control and protection components - 2015/2016

Finding the right combinations of products and intuitive solutions to protect, monitor and control your motor is easier thanks to the updated version of the Motor Control and Protection Components catalogue.

With a new layout and including the most recent product launches such as TeSys Solink, modular marking system for TeSys D and TeSys U and more, this new catalogue also includes offer summary and panoramas by range and list the commercial references for easy product ordering.

So, what´s new?

  • Ergonomic design with faster access to product info
  • Enhanced product visibility for TeSys U & Linergy offer
  • More consistency through chapters
  • Technical pages are included in a special section
  • Content is divided by :
    Part A: Assembled and all-in-one motor starters
    Part B: Components

Catalogue (80MB)