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Lithium battery 12,8V 90Ah certified for UN 3480 and UN3481 transportation
We already had certificates for the 60Ah and the 160Ah model, and now the 90Ah model is also certified. The 200Ah is still pending an expected within the coming months. All certificates are available for download from our website:,8v

VE.Bus firmware 400: A major step forward
Great news: we have released VE.Bus firmware 400! A major step forward in simplifying working with Multis, Inverters and Quattros. Virtual Switch and Assistants functionality are now combined in one firmware version. Choosing between the two is now a simple selection instead of uploading a new firmware. To use the Assistants, disable the Virtual Switch
Update 4 sept 2015: Latest version is currently 401. Version 400 had an issue with the virtual switch/ignore ac input, this is fixed in version 401.
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Woodstock: Greenpeace powered by Victron Energy in association with Mikrogeneracja
Recently I received an email from Leo Yntema who is the Victron Energy Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, The Balkans and Luxembourg. In that email was a forwarded email from a Marek Klonowski of Energy Freedom in Ireland and Mikrogeneracja in Poland – and then I discovered that the original email was from Greenpeace, in Polish, telling me all about Woodstock.
Phew! This was proving to be quite a detective story. Had the real Woodstock started up again?
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Ecolek Wales Ltd: Solar sheep shearing using PV & battery storage in the Welsh hillsides
Here is a great example of Victron Energy and one of our installers (Ecolek Wales Ltd) coming to the rescue. Why you may ask? The facts are that not everyone in the UK has grid connected electricity and a cabled phone line. Would you pay £142,000 to have mains electricity connected and then pay another £42,000 for a phone line. I suspect not…
These numbers though are the ones that Deborah and Phil at Parc Bach farm (shown in the photograph above) in the Black Mountains in Wales were quoted. A complete non starter; so up to now the farm has been entirely dependent on one of those noisy, polluting diesel generators. At this juncture it’s best to let Deborah and Phil take up the story:
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