Novatek-Elektro RNPP-311M voltage monitoring relay

The RNPP-311M voltage monitoring relay is designed for protection of three-phase loads against major types of mains faults, as:

  • RMS voltage reaching beyond admissible thresholds;
  • phase sequence order violation and phase coincidence;
  • violation of the mains voltage phase completeness and symmetry.

The device performs monitoring the main circuit parameters and de-energizes load when the parameters fall beyond specified boundaries. The front panel LEDs display the following:

  • presence of voltage in the mains;
  • load status (ON/OFF);
  • type of fault.

Adjustment potentiometers allow for setting:

  • tripping threshold for the minimum/the maximum voltage, (% of the rated voltage);
  • time delay for load re-energizing after the circuit parameters recovery;
  • tripping time delay for load de-energizing in case of all circuit voltage faults.

With switches on the device’s front panel the user can select the type of circuit monitored 380 / 400V, and turn on/off monitoring of the following circuit parameters:

  • phase sequence and phase coincidence;
  • mains voltage phase completeness and symmetry;
  • voltage drop;
  • voltage surge.

Corresponding combinations of the RNPP-311M switches allow for functioning in various modes:

  • mode of circuit voltage comprehensive monitoring;
  • minimum/the maximum voltage monitoring mode;
  • minimum voltage monitoring mode;
  • maximum voltage monitoring mode;
  • phase presence monitoring mode;
  • phase sequence violation and phase coincidence monitoring mode;
  • phase imbalance monitoring mode; and other modes.

The phase availability monitoring function is maintained in any position of the switches, including OFF position. The feature of 24V online power supply is available (optional, to be ordered separately).

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