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New datasheets are available for:
Modular MEGA fuse holder and high current busbar
Shunt 1000A-50mV
Shunt 2000A-50mV
Shunt 6000A-50mV
And of course you can find them on our website.

We have a new certificate (also on our website):
Certificate Safety IEC 62109-1 MPPT 150-45, 150-60 & 150-70 Tr and MC4 

A manual in different languages is now available on our website for the:
Battery Protect 48V - 100A


EnerTek Global: Solar powered education in Peru

Peru uses fossil fuel for around half of its total energy generation. In order to limit this trend companies like EnerTek Global, who have their headquarters in Lima, have become instrumental in changing attitudes towards energy and its use. EnerTek Global is a Peruvian environmental engineering company which provides services in the areas of renewable energy systems for hydrological, wind and solar projects. They are also Victron Energy distributors.
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Icelandic boat builder fits Victron Energy equipment
Trefjar Ltd. was established in the town of Hafnarfjörður in Iceland in 1977. Since then they have grown considerably. They are now the largest and by far the leading manufacturer of their kind in Iceland. The company has two factories manufacturing fibreglass boats, aquaculture equipment and acrylic parts.
Cleopatra boats is their boat building operation and we are delighted to note that they have chosen to fit Victron Energy equipment to their range of vessels. Equipment fit includes Quattros, Isolation transformers, DC to DC converters and more. You want to know more? Click here.