Vyrtych photometric data of luminaires in EULUMDAT.

Photometric data of luminaires in EULUMDAT (*.ldt)

Photometric data of luminaires is now available on this page in EULUMDAT format.
By installation of the luminaire data in your lighting analysis programs you can calculate with our luminaires and solve your light technical problems. 

Download - photometric data of luminaires in EULUMDAT format - (update 27/10/2016)

License Agreement:

VYRTYCH a.s. reserves the right to make technical changes of the luminaire data. No guarantee is made concerning the contents of the luminaire data.
VYRTYCH a.s. accepts no responsibility for the loss of data or for any other possible damage arising from the use of the luminaire data.
By loading the EULUMDAT date you agree to abide by the above mentioned licence agreement.