Planning tool  Solar-Planit

From A to Z  😎

From grid connection to accessories, from the mounting system to the batteries – with our Solar-Planit tool you can plan your entire PV system, and adjust it perfectly to your requirements. Solar Planit allows you to quickly and easily plan a photovoltaic system: If you are looking for a suitable inverter for your chosen modules or the mounting system novotegra has to be be planned, the result is only a few clicks away.

✅ Solar-Planit is free and can be used from anywhere.

✅ You don't need to download anything.

✅ The software also makes it easy to share projects – either within your own team or with our sales department.

✅ Based on details you provide, the program offers customized solutions, but you can also select the elements yourself – and let Solar-Planit check whether the project is technically correct.