ECOLIGHT  first "MARAMA SOL" installations.



Two „MARAMA SOL“ fully automatic, solar-powered, self-learning luminaires were installed and started testing in Pašilaičiai and Antakalnis districts in Vilnius. Our goal while creating this type of solar-powered luminaire was to design it in a way, so it would efficiently operate in any geographical condition. This pilot project of the company “Vilniaus Apšvietimas” (Vilnius Municipality Lighting Company) will let us evaluate the possibilities of using this type of luminaires in Lithuania, where the amount of sunshine isn’t high during the winter season. 




One of the lights is being tested in the Pašilaičiai district, Baltrušaičio street, in a green space between residential buildings, and the other one – in Antakalnis district, Bistryčios street, in a children playground surrounded by trees. These two different environments were selected specifically to evaluate the efficiency of the luminaires under different conditions, all year round. 





The demand for such luminaires is growing rapidly- they combine the advantages of environmental, economic, and smart management. Stand-alone, solar-powered luminaires would be particularly useful in locations away from an electrical outlet.




„MARAMA SOL“ features an innovative energy management system based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology. This management system consists of several elements, and one of them is a special software designed to analyze historical weather data and compare it with weather forecasts. By analyzing this weather data and matching it with the luminaire battery charge and power consumption data, the system itself determines the most efficient lighting mode. In this way, this self-learning device strikes a balance between the produced and the consumed energy.